East Regional Library: Wildflower
By Michelle Tarsney and Dan Cheetham
Status: Preliminary Design

Artists Michelle Tarsney and Dan Cheetham were selected for the East Regional Library public art project based on their proposal, Wildflower.  This Texas-based artist and architect team expressed their pasison for the project with a Fredrick Douglas quote which resonates with the ideals of public libraries:

“Once you learn to read, you will forever be free."

Comprised of a multitude of colorful vertical elements, the artwork is an abstraction inspired by Texas wildflowers, which are striking on both the individual level, and as seen from a distance in a rich field of color. The large body of painted steel scultpural elements, arranged in a seemingly random order, will create a high visual impact for motorists on Interstate Highway 30 and the frontage road without distracting from the elegance of the library's existing architecture. The multitue of warm colors blended together reflects the diverse nature of the surrounding community. 

Library visitors can also explore the artwork on foot to experience the piece on a human scale. Up close, viewers will discover meanignful quotes cut out of the steel. These quotes will be selected through a process involving the East Regional Library visitors and will relate to libraries, community, and reading. 


For more information on this project, or to stay informed on upcoming meetings, please contact us at talkto@fwpublicart.org.