Our City enjoys a legacy of living with art that began in the 19th century with the Fort Worth Public Library’s first painting purchase – Approaching Storm by George Inness. In 2005, the works of nationally renowned artists Vernon Fisher and Donald Lipski were installed in the Fort Worth Convention Center ---- the first commissioned artwork by FWPA. Fort Worth Public Art is taking steps to ensure the preservation of the collection for future generations, even as we acquire innovative new works for sites throughout Fort Worth.

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  • Twelve Triangles Hanging
    George Rickey
    Fort Worth City Hall

  • Untitled (Zipper Mural)
    Stuart Gentling / Suzanne Gentling
    1111 Monroe Street

  • Wind Roundabout
    Ned Kahn
    Henderson Street Roundabout

  • Tabachin Ribbon
    Yvonne Domenge
    Fort Worth City Hall

  • Avenue of Light
    Cliff Garten
    Lancaster Avenue (Lamar to Commerce) Fort Worth, TX 76102

  • Save the Future
    Jack Bryant
    1000 Cherry Street

  • Early Texas/ Modern Texas
    Vernon Fisher
    Fort Worth Convention Center

  • Intimate Apparel & Pearl Earrings
    Donald Lipski
    Fort Worth Convention Center

  • Molly
    Rebecca Low
    Fort Worth City Hall

  • Parking in Color
    PhenomenArts, Inc.
    Downtown Fort Worth Houston Street Parking Garage

  • Freedom Train
    Jeff Gottfried
    Fort Worth T&P Station Building

  • JFK Tribute
    Lawrence Ludtke
    General Worth Square

  • John Peter Smith
    Lloyd Bowman
    1000 Jennings

  • along the river
    Chris Powell
    Franklin Street at N. Taylor Street

  • Al Hayne Memorial Monument
    Lloyd Bowman and Evaline Sellors
    700 Main Street

  • Resolved Coalescing Continuum
    Jim Woodson
    Fort Worth City Hall

  • Untitled (Historic Murals - Auditorium)
    Attributed to Kenneth Gale
    Will Rogers Memorial Center Auditorium

  • Untitled (Historic Murals - Coliseum)
    Attributed to Kenneth Gale
    Will Rodgers Memorial Center Coliseum

  • Charles Tandy
    Jim Reno
    2900 Lubbock Avenue

  • John Justin and Baby Blue
    Jack Bryant
    Will Rogers Memorial Center - Equestrian Multi-Purpose Building

  • Midnight
    Jack Bryant
    3401 Lancaster Avenue

  • Untitled (Historic Murals - Cattle IV)
    Attributed to Kenneth Gale
    Will Rodgers Memorial Center

  • Water Crossing Markers and Trinity Water Fowls
    Norie Sato
    Chisholm Trail Parkway

  • Buildings for Pleasure Grounds, Parks and Playgrounds
    Wyatt Hedrick
    Fort Worth City Hall

  • Riding into the Sunset
    Electra Waggoner Biggs
    3400 West Lancaster Avenue

  • Untitled (Historic Murals - Cattle I)
    Attributed to Kenneth Gale
    Will Rodgers Memorial Center

  • Untitled (Historic Murals - Cattle II)
    Attributed to Kenneth Gale
    Will Rodgers Memorial Center

  • Untitled (Historic Murals - Cattle III)
    Attributed to Kenneth Gale
    Will Rodgers Memorial Complex

  • Western Heritage Murals
    Mike Mandell
    Will Rogers Memorial Center - Equestrian Building

  • Untitled (Historic Murals - Sheep)
    Attributed to Kenneth Gale
    Will Rodgers Memorial Center

  • Western Heritage Parking Garage Murals
    Mike Mandell
    Western Heritage Parking Garage

  • Untitled (Historic Murals - Swine)
    Attributed to Kenneth Gale
    Will Rodgers Memorial Center

  • Hats
    Cam Schoepp
    Fort Worth Community Arts Center

  • Untitled
    Anthony Dominguez
    Northside Branch Library

  • The First Bulldogger-Bill Pickett
    Lisa Perry
    Corner of Rodeo and Exchange

  • Quanah Parker
    Jack Bryant
    130 E Exchange Avenue

  • Dreams at 100 Fathoms
    Ken OToole
    Marine Park Pool

  • Embroidery Dreams
    Leticia Huerta
    1404 NE 28th Street

  • Rodeo Plaza: Legacy of the Land
    Steve Teeters
    Rodeo Plaza, Historic Stockyards

  • Rebirth of Aspiration
    Manuel Pulido
    North side Neighborhood Center

  • Vaquero
    Tomas Bustos and David Newton
    1500 North Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76164

  • Leather Roses and Stars
    Leticia Huerta
    Dewey Street Bridge

  • Solar Disc
    Charles T. Williams
    Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  • Runnels
    Gene Owens
    3220 Botanic Garden Blvd.

  • to be alongside me
    Chris Powell
    3220 Botanic Garden Blvd

  • Naiads
    Glenna Goodacre
    3220 Botanic Garden Blvd

  • Frog
    Evaline Sellors
    3220 Botanic Garden Blvd

  • Bench
    Cam Schoepp
    Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  • Spring Ballet
    Andre Harvey
    3220 Botanic Garden Boulevard

  • Fishing Rock
    Bob Guelich
    Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  • Nature's Finials
    Evaline Clarke Sellors
    Botanic Gardens

  • Bull
    Chris Powell
    Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  • Nature's Finials
    Evaline Clarke Sellors
    Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  • Celestial Jazz
    Sandi Stein
    Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  • Birth of Love
    Michael Pavlovsky
    Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  • Vision of the Third Eye
    Ed Storms
    Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

  • Maries Bench
    Alice Bateman
    3220 Botanic Garden Boulevard

  • Spirit of Woman
    Jack Bryant
    3220 Botanic Garden Blvd

  • Pollen
    Cam Schoepp
    Botanic Gardens

  • For Better Life
    Floyd Newsum, Jr.
    Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighborhoods

  • Regrowth
    Tommy Fitzpatrick
    Fort Worth Police Department Crime Laboratory

  • Service Through the Centuries
    Oscar Alvarado
    Fire Station #5

  • Avenue Tapestry
    Michael Pavlovsky
    Near Eastside Urban Village

  • 35 City Blocks
    Letitia Huckaby
    Ella Mae Shamblee Library

  • Friends for LIfe
    Alice Bateman
    Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Center

  • Consequently
    Tina McIntire
    Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighborhoods

  • Train
    John Christensen
    East Lancaster Avenue and Handley Drive, Fort Worth, TX

  • Night Song
    Connie Aresmendi/Laura Garanzuay
    Rolling Hills Water Treatment Facility

  • Blue Lines
    Ralph Helmick
    Fort Worth Police Department

  • Cascading Water
    Tom Orr & Francis Bagley
    Fire Station #27

  • Trout Lily
    Jack Mackie
    Fort Worth East Side Transfer Center

  • Untitled
    Juan and Patricia Navarrete
    West Rosedale, From 8th Avenue to Main Street

  • Thomas PlaceTower
    David Hickman
    Thomas Place Community Center

  • Who Rescued Who?
    Lorri Acott
    Z Bonz Dog Park

  • Lining Up at Penrose
    Ann Ekstrom
    7500 Block of Mary's Creek Drive

  • Piedmont
    Mark Fields
    Piedmont Road

  • Park Design Enhancements
    Benito Heurta
    Handley Park, Summerfields Park, Como Park, Tandy Hills Natural Area

  • Our Heroes
    Janice Hart Melito
    Fort Worth Fire Station #41

  • Green Grass Mosaic
    Devon Nowlin
    Chickering Road at Angus & Stonedale, Fort Worth, TX 76116

  • Stampede
    Montage 48/61
    Fort Worth Fire Station 11

  • Earth Fountain
    Philippe Klinefelter
    4800 Camp Bowie Fort Worth, Texas 76107

  • Membrane Technology:Sources/Filtration (Painting)
    Julie Lazarus
    Westside Water Treatment Plant

  • Membrane Technology:Sources/Filtration
    Julie Lazarus
    Westside Water Treatment Plant

  • Marine Creek Park Corridor Enhancements and Markers
    Benito Huerta
    Marine Creek Park

  • Chroma Refraction
    David Keens
    Northpark YMCA

  • Water Fountain
    Cam Schoepp
    Fort Worth Fire Station 38

  • Birds and Flora of Texas
    Billy Hassell
    Fire Station #34

  • Letters
    Sandra Fiedorek
    Northwest Branch Library

  • Golden Assembly
    Eric Eley
    Rosen Park

  • Ammonite Intervention
    Lars Stanley
    North Riverside Drive over Fossil Creek

  • Nature's Essence
    Eliseo Garcia
    3500 Overton Park

  • Trailing the Trinity
    Devon Nowlin
    Clearfork Main Street Pedestrian Bridge

  • Back to Nature
    Leticia Huerta
    3000 and 3100 Block of Hemphill Street

  • Ocean of Grass
    Etty Horowitz
    Chisholm Trail Recreation Center

  • United We Stand
    Eric McGehearty
    Fort Worth Fire Station # 8

  • Prairie Wind
    Michael Pavlosvky
    8298 Rain Dance Ct, Fort Worth, TX 76123

  • Love Story
    Michael William Kirby
    Southwest Recreation Center

  • Elizabeth Tower
    Alice Bateman
    1300 Elizabeth Boulevard, Fort Worth 76110

  • Oxbow Traces
    Tommy Fitzpatrick
    Clearfork Main Street Bridge

  • here she stood
    Chris Powell
    Capps Park

  • Urban Quilt
    Montage 48/61
    Berry Riverside Urban Village

  • Memory: Fairmount Park
    Bart Shaw
    Fairmount Park

  • Victory Forest Recreation Center
    Art Garcia

  • East Rosedale Street (I 35 - 287)
    Christopher Blay

  • Hemphill-Lamar Connector
    Dan Corson

  • Precinct Line Road and Bridge
    Sally Weber

  • State Highway 121 Art and Landscape Project
    Etty Horowitz and Kevin Sloan

  • East Division Police Station
    Gregory Beck

  • Six Points Urban Village
    Eric McGehearty

  • East 1st Street Bridge
    Ken Bernstein.

  • South Main Urban Village
    Benito Huerta

  • Bonnie Brae Street

  • Summer Creek Roundabout
    Jill Bedgood

  • CID: East Regional Library
    Michelle Tarsney and Dan Cheetham

  • Guinn School Plaza - Benches
    Anita Knox, Earline Green, Frank Frasier, Tina McIntire

  • Guinn School Plaza - Vertical Artwork
    Raymond Wade

  • North Beach Street
    Christopher Fennell

  • Collective Transitions
    Kipp Kobayashi

  • Burning Bright
    Shawn Smith

  • The Ancestors
    Julia Ousley

  • East Rosedale Street (287 to Miller)
    Jim Hirschfield and Sonya Ishii

  • West Berry Mural

  • Lake Como Park Public Art Master Plan
    Anitra Blayton and Mel Ziegler

  • East Rosedale Street (Miller to Stalcup)
    John Yancey

  • As One
    Beliz Brother

  • Polytechnic / Wesleyan Urban Village
    Donna Dobberfuhl

  • Water Department Master Plan

  • Stop Six Triangle
    Sedrick Huckaby

  • Rockwood Park Project
    Mike Ross

  • Montgomery Street
    James Surls

  • Westcreek Drive
    Volkan Alkanoglu

  • Handley-Meadowbrook Recreation Center
    No artist has been assigned yet

  • East Lancaster Traffic Signal Control Cabinets

  • Eugene McCray Recreation Center
    Artist not yet selected

  • Highland Hills Park
    Sedrick Huckaby

  • Lake Como Park Public Art Project
    RDG Dahlquist Art Studio

  • Como Community Center Public Art Project

  • Fire Station #43 Public Art Project

  • Overton Park Phase II
    Artist Unlisted