Public art enriches the quality of our daily visual experience, creating a sense of place and making our city more attractive to visitors and residents alike. It’s an investment in the urban environment, promoting civic pride by reflecting who we are. With the establishment of Fort Worth Public Art (FWPA) in 2001, the City of Fort Worth said “YES!” to enhancing civic architecture, creating harmonious public spaces, and fostering artfully designed infrastructure.

Public Art Program Plans:


2016 Annual Work Plan


2015 Annual Work Plan


Fort Worth Public Art Master Plan

Fort Worth Public Art Percent for Art Ordinance

Long Range Plan for Public Art Fund


Plans for Specific Sites and Locaitons:

DRAFT- Lake Como Master Plan




Fort Worth Public Art is a City of Fort Worth program created to enhance the visual environment, commemorate the city's rich cultural and ethnic diversity, integrate artwork into the development of the City's capital infrastructure improvements, and to promote tourism and economic vitality. Managed by the Arts Council of Fort Worth with oversight of the Fort Worth Art Commission, FWPA strives for artistic excellence and meaningful community involvement.